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Acople M365 Cecotec Bongo Z cap

Acople M365 Cecotec Bongo Z cap

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Casing joint m365 cecotec Bongo Z


The shell is used to install the folding system of Xiaomi m365 / pro and is used with the original mast of cecotec Bongo Z

This is a part that we designed and manufactured at Victoria machining center. The part is made of aluminum and processed on our CNC machine. It doesn't need any treatment or anodization because it's an invisible part.

3dikermek doesn't sell the crease of m365 / Pro because it is a part that has nothing to do with us. We can't provide warranty for this part. Therefore, if you want to choose option 2, the customer must provide this part to us

There are two options:
1. - casing
2. - casing + drilling and threaded 4 holes

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